Bethel Mandarin Service @ BPC

Venue of the service & time

The worship service is held every Sunday between 9am to 10:30am at the Annex Hall.

Worship order includes worshipping in both contemporary songs and hymns, choir presentation, reading of scripture, prayer and exegetical preaching.


Bethel is a family centric church. For the House of God, members serve together, steward His gifts, build His church and extend His Kingdom! As people of God, we worship Him, understand and submit to His Word, obey His Great Commission. Prayerfully hope for God to bind the fellowships, respond to His salvation, be God’s people of power and glorify His name.

The demographics and size of the congregation

We have a similar proportion of children, youths, adults and retirees in the congregation.

  • Our number is between 150-180.
  • Our members are made up of English- and Chinese- educated individuals.
  • We have 2 pastors, 4 elders, 4 deacons and 1 administrator.

Ministries in BMS

Our children are between the age of 5-10.

  • The time of Kids Service is similar to the Adult Service.
  • Kids Choir and Sunday School are held between 11am to 12 noon.

Christian Education

  • Classes are held between 10:45am to 12 noon.
  • Classes are held in different age groups: Children, Youths, Young Adults, Adults.
  • Seminar covering topics like Introduction to biblical books, marriage, current issues.
  • Seeker class, beginners class, baptism class
  • Through a systematic program “Discipleship”, church members and leaders can be equipped.

Cell groups in different age range:

  • Timothy Youth Fellowship: Youths
  • Bethel Shine Fellowship: Young Adults
  • Revival Fellowship: Young Families
  • Hosanna: Families with children
  • Emmanuel: Adults
  • Elim: Middle Age
  • Fellowship in the East: Middle Age
  • Hougang Fellowship: Middle Age

Sharing of Gospel, bearing of fruits

Engaging with church-wide mission ministry

  • Myanmar: Character Building, Sharing of Gospel, Teaching ministries.
  • Nepal: Medical and Dental, Children, Leaders’ Training Ministries. 
  • North Thailand: Medical, Children, Farming Enhancement, Leaders’ Training Ministries. 

New Immigrants Ministry: Conduct classes for different levels of Conversational English, Celebrate Major Chinese Festive, Counselling Seminars of various topics. 

Pastoral and Staff:


Children Worship

Sunday School Classes
(All ages)

Every Sunday 10.45am @ Education Block


提摩太 大专以下
闪耀 开始工作
复兴 小康之家
和撒那 青年家庭
以马内利v 青成年龄
以琳 中年以上
城市/宏茂桥/ 中年以上
实笼岗/后港 中年以上
白沙/淡滨尼/勿络 中年以上


Shuttle Service every Sunday, 8.15am-10am @ Serangoon MRT Exit A Pick Up Point.


Meet every last Friday of every month, 8 pm @ M /S Seminar Room (Prayer Meeting is held via ZOOM currently 祷告会目前在线上进行)