Year 2001

The church theme for the year was “Equip for growth”

Preacher Wong Wei Him of the English Service resigned.

The church participated in the Synod 120th anniversary thanksgiving worship service held at the Indoor Stadium.

Rev Lee Huai Kwang and eight other deacons & elders were presented the long service award by the Synod.

Two hundred church members pledged a total of $67,340 for educational use by the Synod.

The church adopted new software for the finance department.

Miss Loo Kim Hong concluded her service as the office Secretary.

Miss Lian Siew Kim (name in English) was appointed as the full-time church office co-worker.

The All Saints Home (Tampines) was officially opened by the Minister for National Development Mr. Mah Bow Tan.

Year 2002

Preacher Tay Hae Dar was ordained as the Associate Minister.

The English Service appointed Mr. Paul Albert Tanchio as Preacher.

A joint family retreat for Chinese and English congregations was held in Bintang Island, Indonesia.

Preparatory work began for the120th anniversary thanksgiving service of the church

The Mission concern recommended that Elder Wong Shyun Jye become the church missionary for the work at Tanjong Batu.

Rev Lee Huai Kwang was awarded by the President of Singapore the Public Service Star (BBM) National Day award.

A working group was formed to prepare for the 120th anniversary souvenir publication and VCD.

Year 2003

The church theme for the year is “Be channels of God’s blessings”.

Thanksgiving service for the 120th anniversary held in January

A Bethel mission weekend was held on the theme “Reaching the Unreached People-Group in Asia”; four workshops were organized for the day to prepare church members for future calling.

A forum with participation from the various churches on “Refocusing and Revitalising the Ministry of the Multi-lingual Church in Singapore” was held.

A walkathon was held to raise funds for church renovation work in tandem with the planned development projects

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