Moving On From 1991 – 1999

Year 1991

The Teochew orchestra fellowship was set up; Mr. Yeo New Kang and son Elder Yeo Hang Cheung were the music instructors. The combined Teochew-speaking churches evangelistic meetings were held. Preacher Law Min Yaw was ordained as the Minister for the church. Rev Lee Huai Kwang retired and was appointed Advising Minister

Year 1992

Preacher Goh Yong Lin resigned. Preacher Lam Tien Keong was appointed for the Mandarin Service. Extension project for the main sanctuary and the annex hall began. Mandarin Service held its services at the completed annex hall.

Year 1993

Dedication service for main sanctuary and the annex hall and celebration of the 110th anniversary was held.

Adult Sunday school classes of the Chinese Service were grouped by their residential location in sharing the previous Sunday’s sermon.

Year 1994

The Preaching Station at Tanjong Batu was set up and students from Singapore Bible College Glass-root ministry were invited there during the weekends to assist with mission work.

Mr. Au Boon Pin was invited to be Bethel Church’s Honorary Preacher and to be in charge of the mission work at Tanjong Batu.

A 3-generation retreat for the entire church was held.

Preacher Charles Chua of All Saints Preaching Station left for further studies and Miss Jenni Ho was appointed as Preacher.

The church staged a period-costume play “The Prodigal Son” at the evangelistic meeting held by the combined Teochew-speaking churches.

The entrance arch gate was dedicated.

“Lee Huai Kwang Mission Fund” was established.

The church held its One Big Family Day. All Saints Memorial Chapel was loaned to The Peoples Presbyterian Church for worship service.

Preacher Lam Tien Keong led a short mission trip to Sabah for evangelistic meetings.

Rev Lee Huai Kwang was awarded the 1993 Senior Citizen Of The Year Award.

Year 1995

A vacation retreat was held in Penang for the Chinese and English congregations. A retreat was organized for Good Friday. The combined women fellowships of the Presbyterian churches in Singapore were held at Bethel Church.

With regard to the issue of Mother Church, Rev Law MinYaw proposed that the Teochew service, the English service and Mandarin service be equally considered as sibling congregations and not be regarded on a

Parent/Child footing. The proposal was submitted to the Synod for deliberation and it was subsequently rejected.

Rev Law Min Yaw resigned and left for a pastoral appointment in Australia.

Preacher Teh Seng Ping & David Teo resigned.

Rev Lee Huai Kwang assumed responsibility as Interim-moderator.

Mr. Tay Hae Dar was appointed as Preacher.

A retreat for pastors and preachers were held.

Year 1996

Preacher Lam Tien Keong was ordained as Associate Pastor.

Preacher Jabez Tan of All Saints left for further studies and Mr. Charles Chua was appointed as Preacher.

Rev Lee Chong Kau became the Honorary Pastor of the church.

Mr. Ng Eng Tat was appointed as the Preacher for the Teochew Service

Mr. Jimmy Tan Boon Chai was appointed as the Preacher for the English Service.

A community Christmas gospel rally for children was held.

Year 1997

Invited by the Ministry of Health to develop a nursing home in Tampines.

The Adult Fellowship organized a camp on “abundant Christian Family”

Appointed Deacon Timothy Lee as the Preacher for the English Service.

Rev Lam Tien Keong resigned.

The work of Rev Lee Huai Kwang entitled Characters in the Old and New Testaments was published.

Chinese Service organized a training camp on “message and sharing”.

The land title deed of the church was changed. Bethel became the Trustee whereas previously the Synod was the Trustee.

Appointed Indonesian Preacher Mdm Lau Xue Mei to assist in the mission work at Tanjong Batu Preaching Station.

Year 1998

The English Service decided to come under the Mother Church.

The All Saints Chapel congregation became an independent church.

The Indonesian Preacher Mdm Lau Xue Mei concluded her mission work at Tanjong Batu Preaching Station.

The Tanjong Batu Preaching Station planned to acquire land for building a chapel.

The Senior Citizen Fellowship was established to provide for a weekly fellowship activity.

Rev Lau Hua Teck was appointed as Moderator of the church.

Rev Lee Huai Kwang relinquished the post of Interim-Moderator and continued to be the Advisory Pastor.

The properties of Bethel came under the Synod, which acted as Trustee. Bethel however retains full rights over the properties.

Participated in the Boys Brigade’s Christmas Sharity Gifts project.

Presented a Christmas play” Where is home?”

Preacher Ng Eng Tat resigned for health reason.

Year 1999

Promote [Social Concerns Weekend/Sunday] in order that members could show concern for affiliated ministries and for the neighborhood.

Preacher Tan Boon Chai was ordained as Associate Minister.

The name of the church was changed from The Chinese Christian Church Bethel Congregation to Bethel Presbyterian Church.

Children from the Sunday school participated in the children performance camp organized by Lu Wei Arts Fellowship.

Long service awards were given to long-time choir members as encouragement.

Closed circuit TV was installed for use at combined services.

Youth Fellowship and Mandarin Service choir presented an Outreach Musical entitled “Heartfelt”

Increased number of parking lots for use by church members.

Participated in the trip to Shantou for church visitation purposes organized by the Combined Teochew-speaking churches.

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