MILESTONES 1883~1990

Period of Establishment 1883-1948

Year 1883

A shop premises was rented for worship service.

Year 1892

The Church was established.

Year 1903

Combined with Tekka Church (now Life Presbyterian Church) and Bukit Timah Church (now Glory Presbyterian Church) as Siah Tek Church with Rev. Lin Xi appointed as the pastor.

Year 1931

Members comprised 18 adults and 48 were baptized as infants.

Year 1935

The church built of attap became unsafe and was demolished and the congregation met at the atap house (the preacher’s house)

Year 1937

The Church was under the responsibility of the Tekka Church.

Year 1938

Mr. Koh Hui Boon was appointed Principal of York See School & Kindergarten.

Year 1946

He was also appointed Preacher at Hougang Church.

Year 1947

Hougang Church directly came under the responsibility of the Synod.

Year 1948

Hougang church was officially named Bethel Church.

Period of Revival 1950-1990

Year 1950

Mr. Lee Huai Kwang appointed as voluntary preacher. In June the church took over Min Sin School and Mr. Lee became the Principal.

Year 1953

The church held its worship service at the school premises.

Year 1959

Completion of the four-storey Min Sin School.

Year 1961

The new church sanctuary was completed and dedicated.

Year 1965

Li Sun High School began classes at Min Sin School. The Manse was completed.

Year 1969

The English Service was started.

Year 1970

The church acquired a property of 4,000 sq.ft. (located at both sides of its old premises)

Year 1971

Mr. Lee Huai Kwang was ordained as the Minister.

Year 1973

Mr. Lee Huai Kwang relinquished his post as the Principal of Min Sin School and became the full-time Minister of the church

Year 1975

The Church established the All Saints Memorial Chapel and the columbarium.

Year 1977

Completion of Bethel House. Bethel Play Centre was started. The New Life Centre was established jointly with YMCA. A Nursery was also founded.

Year 1978

All Saints Memorial Chapel was dedicated.

Year 1980

The English Service appointed Mr. Wong Chan Kok as Preacher.

Year 1981

A Preaching Station was started at the All Saints Memorial Chapel and Mr. Peter Poon was appointed Preacher.

Year 1983

The New Life Centre was closed; Bethel House focused on children’s work. Miss Loo Kim Hong was employed as Office Secretary. The setting up of bursary was under consideration by the Church.

Year 1984

Rev Wong Chan Kok was ordained as the Associate Pastor for the English Service. Min Sin School was closed and the change of use of the school building was approval given by the Government.

Year 1985

Bethel Day Care Centre was established. The classrooms on the 3rd and 4th floors of the school building were respectively loaned to Youth for Christ and Care Corner for their use. The English Service appointed Miss Albina Chan as Preacher.

Year 1986

Preacher Law Min Yaw was appointed to assist the Chinese Service. Rev Wong Chan Kok left for further studies in USA and Preacher Teh Seng Ping was appointed. All Saints Home (nursing home) was established.

Year 1987

All Saints Home was officially opened. Youth for Christ ceased to use the school classrooms.

Year 1988

Care Corner ceased to use the school classrooms. Preacher Miss Albina Chan resigned. The training for Evangelism Explosion III began.

Year 1989

Mandarin Service commenced. Preacher Goh Yong Ling was appointed to be responsible for Sunday school and to be the teacher for story telling for the Play Centre and Day Care Centre. All Saints Preaching Station appointed Mr. Charles Chua as Preacher.

Year 1990

Dr & Mrs. Samuel Lee, lecturers from the Singapore Bible College, assisted the Adult Bible Classes. The English Service appointed Mr. David Teo as Preacher. Formed the Teochew Evangelistic Outreach Association jointly with the Teochew-speaking Churches in Singapore.

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